I imagine it as a lady from the smile some mocking.
She looks the tourists that disembark at the port from far, without making to be seen.
And then she follows them, while frolic in the beaches, among the stands, in the idle talk of the places.
Someone crosses her of escaped, but she is always of few words, she doesn’t allow too much never to involve. An excuse, and it escapes away.
If you want to know her indeed, you can begin to ask to the plants.
They will speak to you of the wind, first of all. Of their suffering.
If you are to listen, easy that then they will bring you from her.”


(Stefano Emanuele Ferrari)



Donna al porto de la Savina
Woman at Savina’s port




Lady Formentera is a photographic project on the island of Formentera, in black and white. In the summer 2010 have been published a devoted book, that is available in the newspaper kiosk of Formentera and on internet, in the portals devoted to the book industry.

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The proposed photos are covered by copyright. For a fast visualization they have been loaded in low resolution.

You advises to accompany the vision with the listening of the song “Formentera lady” of the King Crimson, inspiring sonorous column of the job.

For further information on the author, visit his personal site: www.stefano-ferrari.com

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